Engineering Affairs

Chair: Lakshita Sharma

This committee works with the School of Engineering to ensure that student problems are resolved. For example, when students voiced that certain classes were being taught inefficiently, Engineering Affairs worked with the departments and created study groups to help out. It often deals with other academic and departmental issues on behalf of engineering students.

Subcommittees: Academic Affairs, Professional Development


Chair: Kelli Cheng & Saranya Guttikonda

This committee hosts a variety of fun and engaging large-scale events throughout the year. Events are essential in bringing the engineering community together and are rooted in the School of Engineering tradition. Past events include the Welcome BBQ, EWeek, and Engineering Formal.

Subcommittees: Open House, EWeek, Rutgers Day


Chair: Praksha Patel

The Finance Committee deals with all financial matters of EGC. This includes reviewing the budgets of our forty member organizations and allocating funds appropriately, managing internal EGC budgets and issuing reimbursements, and arranging fundraisers for our members organizations and for EGC itself. This committee has a direct impact on hundreds of engineers, and has the power to help societies get more money, more efficiently.

Subcommittees: Allocations, Fundraising, Internal Finance

Internal Review

Chair: Sid Shakelly

The Internal Review Committee ensures EGC rules and procedures are observed. Duties range from organizing elections, to ensuring members fulfill their duties in terms of attendance, completing initiatives, and behaving ethically.

Subcommittees: Elections, Integrity


Chair: Krithika Patrachari & Sonali Amin

The Publicity Committee spreads awareness about the various events and initiatives undertaken by EGC using a number of social media platforms, email, and physical signage. The Publicity Committee also represents EGC at outreach events such as involvement fairs and other venues.

Subcommittees: Publicity

Society Affairs

Chair: Kenny Au

This committee dedicates its time to working with and improving the societies to help them enhance the School of Engineering. As new societies emerge, Society Affairs works with them to meet the standards to join EGC. Society Affairs assists the societies in procedural matters, such as renting equipment, getting event space, and advertising events. Furthermore, Society Affairs coordinates Society Awards for engineering societies that have demonstrated excellence through specialized programming, service, or event attendance.

Subcommittees: Society Incubator, Society Guides, Society Review

University Affairs

Chair: Dev Hudson

University Affairs tackles issues at a university wide level, whether they be related to busing, housing, dining services, computer labs, or something else entirely. University Affairs also collects extensive data on student concerns through projects such as the “What’s on Your Mind” survey and Campus Safety Walks. The committee also schedules guest speakers for EGC meetings to open lines of communication and fortify relationships between EGC and key partners from around the university.

Subcommittees: Guest Speakers, Sustainability, What’s On Your Mind