How Allocations Work

This is a general overview of our allocations process. For instructions on submitting an allocations request, click here.

1. Student Fees

Every engineering student pays a student fee on their term bill. EGC gets a portion of this money, along with groups like RUSA, RUPA, club sports, and class funds.

2. Funding Requests

Engineering orgs submit prospective budgets to EGC. Our allocations team then uses our funding algorithms to determine what is eligible for EGC funding.

3. Caps

In order for the money allocated to match the money we receive, our allocations team imposes a progressive cap. This cap varies from semester to semester depending on how much funding our orgs need, and how much we receive in student fees.

Because it’s progressive, the cap imposes a larger percentage cut on orgs that receive more money. These orgs are generally larger, and have a greater ability to get sponsorships and fundraise. Smaller orgs, which might not have this ability, often get close to full funding.

4. Closing the Gap

EGC’s mission to support our orgs doesn’t end with allocations. Many orgs need significantly more than they can get from the allocations process, and so we help them in pursuing a variety of alternative funding sources.

Our most popular options are football and basketball concessions. EGC organizes volunteers to work concession stands at games, and receives a percentage of the sales. EGC then passes on this money, over $10,000 last year, to orgs that send volunteers.

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