How to Start an Org

Before you read on…

If you’re looking to start an organization, please contact our Society Incubator and a member of our team will walk you through the process.

Why EGC?

When it comes to joining a governing council, Rutgers orgs have lots of options, so why EGC? If you qualify to join EGC, you can gain access to funding, exclusive recruitment and fundraising opportunities, storage space, training and guidance on how to run an org, and a network of other engineering organizations to collaborate with.

So how’s it done? Read on!

1. Find your Purpose

Think about why your org should exist. How will it benefit its members, or the engineering community? Your purpose should have something to do with teaching technical skills, providing academic or professional support, or helping students explore engineering more broadly. Your purpose must also be unique in the context of our other societies.

2. Assemble your Team

To start, you’ll need at least three officers – a president, treasurer, and representative to EGC. You’ll also need a faculty adviser, and at least 10 members (including your officers), at least half of which must be engineers.

3. Write your Constitution

Our sample constitution is a great starting point, but you may also want to add provisions specific to your org.

4. Join!

Once you’ve completed the steps above, our Society Incubator will introduce a bill to EGC recognizing you as an official member organization. During your first semester, you’ll be on provisional status, but will still have some access to EGC resources. During this time, our Society Incubator will continue to work with you to meet benchmarks in a variety of areas. If all goes well, you’ll be recognized as a full EGC member, with the same privileges and responsibilities as any other org.